In addition to a career in performance, I have enjoyed teaching private voice lessons for over a decade on two coasts. My fundamental training at The Juilliard School and Chapman Conservatory of Music has given me the vocal flexibility and stamina to work not only within the classical realm of opera and concert music, but theater and studio work as well.


It is a real pleasure to be able to pass on this technique, regardless of where you may be in your journey as a singer. My objective as your instructor is to help you accomplish your goals in the healthiest way.

Who I teach

  • Audition Prep — I've auditioned for conservatories, competitions, musical theater, opera, and more. I help you prepare mentally to avoid anxiety and vocally to sing your best. 

  • New Singers — Don't be afraid! Making music is cathartic and can lead to wonderful new experiences. We'll get the basics down and build your confidence...even if it's just singing in the car.

  • Continuing Studies — Performance based or just for fun, I love working with adults returning to singing at any stage of life. 

  • Masterclass — I'm more than accustomed to the masterclass format having been an artist in residence at Chapman Conservatory of Music and visiting artist at several high schools. I've found that learning from others can be a very powerful performance tool.

What we'll cover

  • Breathing and the support to create healthy sounds. Air is the cornerstone of singing and we largely underutilize and underestimate it.

  • Support, support, support! But what does that mean? I'll help you develop an understanding of how to maintain stable phrasing with that incredible natural machine right below your ribs.

  • Resonate. How to fill a space without screaming into the void. It's possible, I promise.

  • Let's make music out of it. Musicianship takes the performer to the next level. This is how we communicate with our audience.

Lesson Rates

I offer a 30 minute free consultation lesson. Connecting with your instructor is extremely important and I want you to be comfortable before committing to regular lessons.


  • $85/Hour - Individually booked lesson

  • $75/Hour - Four lessons booked at a time

  • $50/Half Hour 

Due to the current COVID 19 pandemic,

all lessons are held online. 


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